Collect a Digital. Get a unique Physical.
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One-of-a-kind Comics, Vinyl, Books, Posters, Merch and more!
Mixprint combines world class artists and creative with bespoke printing techniques and innovative technologies to create unique physical collectibles paired with digital experiences. 
Your ticket to exclusive collectibles and unique perks and rewards


We have partnered with Magic Eden to launch Mixprint with a limited edition collectible mint pass. Holding your MixPass grants you a free edition in each of the first Mixprint x Titan drops and access to additional perks and rewards over time.

Your Key to Pop Culture Bliss

Your MixPass gets you exclusive early access to ongoing Mixprint drops, exclusive info and participation in a vibrant community of fans and collectors.

Feeling Lucky?

22 MixPass collectors will receive a "Golden Ticket" for UNLIMITED DROPS FOR THE NEXT 3 YEARS! This will include comics, posters, vinyl and everything else Mixprint releases.

Collect digital editions of your favorite drops. Trade on secondary markets and find your grails!
Redeem  your digital collectibles for their physical counterparts at any time.
The first drop is coming in Q1 2024
The First Drops
Mixprint X Titan Comics
Mixprint is releasing 3 iconic series from Titan Comics beginning in Q1 2024. MixPass holders get first dibbs.
How much will the MixPass be?
$140. This gets you the first three series drops, plus additional benefits!

What chain are the Mixprint and MixPass drops happening on?

What currency can be used for purchase? 
USDC, Sol and Eth (at least).

How many MixPass will be available?
2,222 in three rarity tiers.

When will they go on sale?
Pre-sales are available now with partner communities. The public sale (if there is supply remaining) and MixPass delivery will happen+ via Magic Eden's Launchpad.

What are the featured series?
To be announced! These are major entertainment franchises from the Titan Comics catalog.

How are you going to avoid the bots?
We are working on a careful pre-sale strategy, which should minimize the impact of bots. We are also limiting orders to five mints per transaction.

Who’s making this?
Mixprint is a new product category from
Macroverse, a next-gen entertainment studio focussed on the intersection of digital and collectible experiences.

OK I’m in! How do I get involved?
here to pre-register for and pre-purchase your MixPass. 
Welcome to the future of unique collectibles!